I am a graduate of UC Riverside with a degree in Psychology and Creative Writing. In the real world, I work as a Behavioral Therapist for children diagnosed with autism and I am a grad student in Exceptional Student Education at the University of West Florida.

However, in the world that borders between dream and reality, I write books, graphic novel scripts, and anything that strikes my fancy.

I live in So Cal with my dog, Zachary in a place where the air constantly smells like orange blossoms.

I like to write. I mainly like to write (as of now, subject to change) contemporary, dystopian, fairy tale retellings, and steampunk. I mainly write for teens, but especially 20 somethings. There needs to be more books about our age group in every genre. I like to explore stories in different formats, sometimes in a short story or novel or graphic novel scripts. One day I would like to expand to tv scripts and screenplays.

I like to read. I read widely and voraciously, genre is irrelevant for me. I read anything– as long as the writing is good (or at least descent, I’ve been known to slog through books if the storyline is at least interesting enough to follow).