It’s All Relative: Progress

It’s All Relative
Type: Graphic Novel
Status: World building, Updating character profiles, Outlining/Brainstorming

Description: Coming soon


Beyond Beauty

Beyond Beauty, A Beauty and the Beast Retelling
Type: Graphic Novel

August P. Hitch comes from a long line of hunters who protect the village from magical creatures. Unfortunately, the hunting gene seems to have skipped over him. August is clumsy, uncoordinated, and gets sick at the sight of blood. Through sheer dumb luck and determination (but mostly luck), August has made it to the final hunting test: go into the forbidden forest and kill a magical creature. When August is saved by the shape shifting forest spirit, Elu, he discovers amazing but dangerous powers that can bridge the human world and the magical world together. But when the hunters decide to expand the territory, will August use his new powers and stand up for what’s right? Or will he discover that he is powerless to stop a war that has been waging on for generations? A unique twist on the classic  Beauty and the Beast tale and inspired by Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke.

To Do:
Character designs— In progress
Kickstarter campaign
Finish script
Production starts in August (haha, no pun intended)