Writing Projects

In Progress

Demons and Demigods
Type: Graphic Novel
Status: In Progress 1/4 volumes completed.
Demons and Demi-Gods follows the story of 17 year old Olivia Adams, a girl who went from dork to demigod after sacrificing her soul for her best friend. As a demigod, Olivia can now reincarnate and restore souls. And who is the lucky soul she restores? A notoriously powerful demon named Scout, the same demon who took her soul and the souls of her classmates. Now one of the most powerful demons in Hell has been unleashed on the Earth in the form of an average teenage boy. Can Olivia save the world from being destroyed by a teenager by showing Scout how to be a human or will Scout succumb to his demonic nature?

Beyond Beauty, A Beauty and the Beast Retelling
Type: Graphic Novel
Status: Outlined, on hold for Script Frenzy (April)
August P. Hitch comes from a long line of hunters who protect the village from magical creatures. Unfortunately, the hunting gene seems to have skipped over him. August is clumsy, uncoordinated, and gets sick at the sight of blood. Through sheer dumb luck and determination (but mostly luck), August has made it to the final hunting test: go into the forbidden forest and kill a magical creature. When August is saved by the shape shifting forest spirit, Elu, he discovers amazing but dangerous powers that can bridge the human world and the magical world together. But when the hunters decide to expand the territory, will August use his new powers and stand up for what’s right? Or will he discover that he is powerless to stop a war that has been waging on for generations? Inspired by Beauty and the Beast and Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke.


On Hold/Brainstorming Stage

Untitled College Book
Type: Graphic/Prose Hybrid
Status: First book outlined, on hold.
No description for this one yet, but thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts way back last year when the story was actually a guidebook. I can’t thank everyone enough. After reading some books and thinking about some things about how to make it more enjoyable, I think I’ve come to great conclusion that everyone will enjoy. I’m still tinkering with some things, but I want to go back and fix some of the plotting, give it more depth, and give it a more balanced POV (at this current point in time it’s told in a boy’s POV, but it would be cool to balance the novel with a girl’s POV too)

Sex, Drugs, and Steamwork
Type: Novella, Web Series
Status: Character creation, world building
No description for this one either. This was supposed to be an Alice in Wonderland retelling, but it went way off base (in a good way) and now is just going to be a fun romp in a steampunk world. I miss being a part of the web fiction world and I think this would be perfect to just have fun and play around with. I do need a sort of buffer before I get started and I do need to get the characters together. I also have to figure out a title I can actually deliver on. I can’t guarantee that it’ll have sex or drugs, but I know for sure it’ll have steamwork.

It’s All Relative
Type: Graphic Novel
Status: World building, Updating character profiles, Outlining
My ultimate dream/goal would be to save up enough money to go travel for a year and write this script on the go. IAR is the first epic story that I have ever thought up and shared with an audience. It also takes place in an epic world that is inspired by our own world. It would be awesome to visit London(again) and go to Japan to get a feel of the culture and incorporate those experiences in the story. It would be nice if all my TASU friends could go with me (so my mom doesn’t freak out about me going alone). However, that’s in the future. For now, I’m going to be getting some of the world building reworked to actually make sense and give more comprehensive story arcs to the characters. For those of you who were with IAR from the beginning, this is going to be majorly epic.